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Let Me Go

from Ghosts by Hard to Frame



You can hear kalimba in this track.


What’s yo way to escape
No man’s land
History movin’ in cycles
What’s yo point of view
How do you define what is real
What is the self
Strange footprint on the shores of the unknown
Asking questions
Liftin’ up the essence of identity
From the dust & dirt of the social matrix
Multiple-dream images on the back of yo eyelids
System’s overloaded
Fabricated truth on the tongue of a liar
Artificial body of language
Fake images
Hackin’ the DNA of yo intellect
Paranoize in yo ears
Poison in yo system
Hyper-relativism decomposin’
The quintessential foundations of yo world
The prime situation
What’s yo next step
Truth is uncomprehensible
Even if you do yo best
Eyes keep on starin’ at you
From behind the 5th dimensional mask
Demons wanna speak will you let ‘em
Demons wanna speak will you let ‘em

Demons wanna speak will you let ‘em
Demons wanna speak will you let ‘em

Step aside the wild communication jam
Let the sun rays infiltrate yo foggy brain
Enter the private time zone
Fly the coop
Go home
Where you’re complete likka circle
Rest in silence
Iluminatin’ light from within
Flashin’ vibrant
Compose your self
You don’t wanna loose it
Destroy any concept of limit
Let the poetic imagination
Function as another name for logical destiny
Take off
Escape the labyrinth
& the poisonous hand of the death-facin’ ego
Ghost in the machine awaits you
Between eternity and time
Move on
Turn the key inna lock
Of yo doors of perception
Open arms
Embrace the paradox
From the basic instinct
Of an urban flock
Tic toc
Tempo’s wild
No time to be wasted
When bringin’ back the sight
To the blinded third eye
blinded third eye

Demons wanna speak will you let ‘em
Demons wanna speak will you let ‘em

Demons wanna speak will you let ‘em
Demons wanna speak will you let ‘em


from Ghosts, released March 26, 2019


all rights reserved



Hard to Frame Lysá Nad Labem, Czech Republic

H2F are characterized by a colorful fusion of electronic and acoustic music with elements of jazz, underlined by the fragile voice of their singer. They balance subtlety and dreamlike atmospheres with deep vibrant beats drawing inspiration from dubstep, d'n'b, and minimalist techno. This desire to merge genres and fuse acoustic and electronic instruments manifests in the band's unmistakable sound. ... more

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